As a child, I didn’t care much for dogs.  This was in no small part due to having been the victim of what I thought aged 5 to be an attack by a Boxer.  In reality, I think it was more a case of the dog being over-friendly and me terrified by its affections.  A holiday with my uncle’s family and their dog a few years later saw me revise my view on dogs altogether and I was therefore delighted to meet Eleanor’s Boxer Misty when I visited her family home prior to the wedding.  With 150 wedding guests descending on the home for Eleanor and Anthony’s wedding reception, it was decided that all of this would be far too much excitement for Misty, who. sadly, was to spend the day elsewhere.  The title shot reflects the fact that she was there in canine spirit.

Originally a tithe barn built by Augustine Monks in the 1400s, the Holy Ghost Church provided an intimate and welcoming setting for the ceremony.  The service itself was conducted by Father Michael who was absolutely charming and could not have made my life any easier.  A very big thank you to him.

I can’t thank Eleanor and Anthony enough for their kindness on the day.  It was a joy from start to finish.  Apologies for the size of the post, there were just too many good things going on…

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