Esther & Marcus Wedding, venue Dillington House

I’m always hopeful that the weather will be kind when I’m covering a wedding.  In this case, I was especially hopeful.  Why?  Esther had planned for her horse Merry Legs to give her away and for that to happen, the rain would have to stay away.

The drive to Somerset didn’t exactly bode well, with heavy rain falling throughout the journey.  As I photographed Esther getting ready, however, the weather began to clear and at the crucial time, the rain had relented enough to go ahead.  It was an enchanting way for Esther to be introduced to her guests who welcomed her warmly in the driveway.

As Esther and Marcus’ guests played mini-golf and croquet on the lawn, we took a walk around the parkland that flanks the house.  We enjoyed an evening sufficiently fine that the speeches could take place outside.  A magical end to a magical day

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