Looking out on another rainy August day, it’s fair to say that our small island is not blessed with the most reliable conditions even at the best of times.  When I first met Gemma and Kev to discuss their wedding, the weather naturally came up as a potential concern.  After an intense brainstorming session, a solution was agreed, a proactive one one designed to embrace the inclement conditions if they presented themselves.  That solution?  Wellies.  In the months prior to the wedding, it became increasingly apparent that Gemma was actually quite taken with the whole wellie idea.  So much so, in fact, that although the rainclouds ultimately failed make an appearance, the contingency footwear and wedding dress combo was too good to miss.

Gemma got ready in the company of her sisters.  Luckily for Gemma they are more than a bit handy when it comes to hair and makeup and did a fantastic job.  What really struck me throughout the day was that if either Gemma or Kev were at all nervous, they did a great job in hiding it and seemed to take the whole experience in their strides.  Given the amount of banter that they were both subjected to by Kev’s joint best men, I could forgive them for not wanting to show any signs of weakness!

Gemma and Kev, you were absolutely stellar, it was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day

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