L&O Ha

Bristol Cathedral is a majestic and imposing building that would dwarf many a wedding party, so it’s a good job that Laura and Oliver are a pretty sociable pair.  In the moments before the ceremony, the area outside the Cathedral quickly became crowded with top hats and other finery.   It wasn’t just the guests who helped to fill the mighty chamber, though; Oliver’s dad sings in a Cornish choir who arranged a tour to coincide with the wedding.  I’m so glad they did, as their voices filled the place with atmosphere.  There are few things better than the singing voice (unless it’s mine).

I’ve been to a few of the bars around the centre of Bristol, but this was my first visit to Java, albeit an afternoon one.  I was surprised and quite pleased to discover how opulently it had been decorated.  I was equally pleased to find the dance area, although it was initially deserted.  Thankfully, two small but enthusiastic dancers were soon on the scene.

This was a short but very sweet assignment, but none the less enjoyable for it.  Many congratulations to you both!

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