Laura teaches music and didn’t want a “traditional” wedding.  Her amazing dress certainly struck a chord (ahem) with all the guests.

Laura and Steve’s wedding was very much a Clifton affair.  For anyone unfamiliar with Bristol, it’s considered by many as the most desirable (and most expensive) part of the city.  It’s also home to the famous Suspension Bridge which was the first of its kind and Bristol’s most famous landmark.

The ceremony and wedding breakfast were hosted at the sumptuous Avon Gorge Hotel which offers incredible views over the Gorge and beyond.

Following the early and unfortunate escape of a rogue balloon, it was the bridge that provided the backdrop for a more coordinated balloon release.  As the balloons went off on their journeys to who knows where, the wedding party moved on to Racks where the were met by a never-ending stream of Steve and Laura’s friends.

Thanks Laura and Steve for having me along for your special day


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