L&A HaThis was an action packed wedding from start to finish.

After spending a very pleasant morning in the company of Lindsay, her family, friends and three cats, we all (minus the cats) headed for St Matthew’s Church in Wookey; a Somerset village best known for its caves.  The Church is set in an idyllic rural setting and provided a beautiful venue for the wedding.  As does happen every now and again, the Church had strict rules in respect of how photographers were able to cover the ceremony and as a result, I was consigned to the organ loft.  From there, I watched a ceremony made all the more interesting by the presence of Rabbi Paul who delivered part of the service in accordance with the Jewish faith.

The reception was to take place at the magnificent Coombe Lodge near Blagdon.  It’s a venue that really has everything that you could hope for – an elegant house, beautifully landscaped grounds, outbuildings, water features, views, the lot!  Before we got there, however, I suggested a stop at another location nearby.  I think it was worth it.

A great day was capped off by a stunning sunset, we couldn’t have asked for much more…

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