I covered the wedding of Lindsay & Ash at Coombe Lodge earlier this year. From the first time I visited the venue (which is the former Wills family home) I could completely understand why it’s become such so popular with couples and I was excited to be returning there for the wedding of Kate & Matt.

In spite of their protests to the contrary, Kate and Matt photographed very easily at their pre-wedding shoot and told me all about their plans for an Olympic-themed wedding. It didn’t disappoint!  There was plenty going on, so I’ve split the post into 2 parts.

I spent much of the morning with Kate and her 4 bridesmaids at the Plush Hotel. Kate aside, the girls had decided to paint their toe nails with the Olympic colours. Nice! What I wasn’t expecting was for Kate’s dad (who used to be in the Navy) to join in too.

It’s really special being so close to the bride and groom when they’re exchanging vows and all the more so when they have written their own. It was hard not to get caught up in the emotion of the ceremony and there were more than a few tears around the room. I can even admit to having got a little misty-eyed behind the viewfinder.

Being an Olympic-themed wedding, there were a host of games for guests to try their hands at – boules, pick-a-stick and Swingball among others.  Had duty not called, I would certainly have been happy for a quick Swingball!

Want more?! Here’s Part 2

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