L&T Blog HAvid readers of my Blog may remember Oli and Laura’s wedding at Bristol Cathedral.  Well, Oli was sufficiently impressed to recommend me to his sister Lamorna who was marrying only a few months later.  When Oli first mentioned the fact that Lamorna would be marrying Tom in Cornwall, he painted a picture of seaside idyll and even offered a guarantee of two boat rides.  Sold!

Spectacular weddings come at a price though; I couldn’t possibly fit it all into a single blog entry.  There’s a link to Part 2 at the bottom…

For once, I kicked off the day by meeting the boys in all their finery at Falmouth pier.  From there, we boarded the Falmouth Water Taxi to cross the bay bound for Mylor where the service would be held.  In spite of being brother of the bride and one of the groomsmen, Oli was put to work on the day putting together one of his Spoolfrog marryoke video.  Having the groomsmen with nowhere else to go and with nothing to entertain them but a bottle of champagne presented Oli with the perfect opportunity to gather some early footage.  The Spoolfrog take on “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” can be seen here

Back on dry land, we headed to Cafe Mylor who had laid out tables of lunchtime temptation (amazing brownies).  The guests began to arrive and arrive and arrive.  They were everywhere!  It’s not often that the guests are able to relax en masse with the groom and his party before the ceremony and with the sun shining and the church all of 10 metres from the Cafe, it was a great introduction to Lamorna & Tom’s wedding day.

Lamorna’s parents still live very locally, so the wedding brought her home.  As with Oli’s wedding, their father and his choir provided a warm and personal touch by performing.  They filled the church with their incredible voices, Cornish songs resonating all the way to my vantage point at the back.

With the happy couple now married, it was time to get back on the water again.  A few of the guests even managed to get an ice cream in on the way to the boat!

Ready for Part 2?