Olivier Burnside Wedding PhotographyI have one rule when it comes to pre-wedding shoots which is that I won’t do them at the venue.  When I met Hannah & Tim for a look around How Caple Court, I made an exception.  The reason for this was that there was no way that we would have been able to do How Capel Court justice otherwise – everywhere you look, there’s another photo opportunity!

I’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic couples and Hannah & Tim were definitely no exception.  From the first meeting, they were a pleasure to be around and really bought into the reportage approach.  This is another fairly sizable blog entry, so prepare for Part 2 at the bottom.

It became apparent early in the day that Tim is a thoughtful fellow.  As his dad prepared bacon rolls for the groomsmen, Tim handed out hip flasks to his ushers to thank them for their involvement on the big day.  I’m quite a fan of design, so was very taken by Tim’s parents’ house, which was clearly architect designed.  It was a beautiful clear day and the light streamed into the angular extension where the boys were getting their glad rags on.  Leaving them to finish the last of their preparations, it was soon time to be on my way to join Hannah and her bridesmaids.

Hannah is obviously a popular lady.  I was greeted by 4 bridesmaids getting ready downstairs only for them to keep appearing from nowhere!  I certainly wasn’t struggling for coverage with so many preparations going on all over the house.  A lot of thought had been put into the wedding, including Hannah having made her own bouquet from brooches, jewellery and “H” and “T” scrabble letters for good measure.  Before getting into her dress, there was time to photograph it outside in all its glory – many thanks to Hannah’s mum for her help getting it in and out.

The wedding car duly arrived and soon attracted the attention of the neighbours.  I love the sense of anticipation as they all wait around for a peek at the bride leaving the house.

I was especially pleased that the weather was kind as Hannah & Tim had hoped to be married outside.  After the civil ceremony, there was time for another in the Church at the borders of the grounds of How Caple Court.  No photos were permitted for that one, so we’ll have to make do with the shots I was able to grab as they left the Church.  That’s where we’ll pick up Part 2

Part 2 is waiting for you right here