We’ve been blessed with some super weather of late and it was the case again the other evening when I met Wendy & Jordan whose wedding at Orchardleigh House is fast approaching.

We met at a spot near to where Wendy Dragon boats.  A number of biting flies were pleased to see us, but in spite of having to bat them off, we still managed some great images!

There were plenty of super spots around and towards the end of the walk, we even found a particularly springy part of the river bank  :)

W&J PWS 1W&J PWS 2W&J PWS 3W&J PWS 4W&J PWS 5W&J PWS 6W&J PWS 7W&J PWS 8W&J PWS 9W&J PWS 10W&J PWS 11W&J PWS 13aW&J PWS 12W&J PWS 17W&J PWS 18W&J PWS 19W&J PWS 20W&J PWS 21W&J PWS 22W&J PWS 23W&J PWS 24W&J PWS 25aW&J PWS 27W&J PWS 28W&J PWS 29W&J PWS 30W&J PWS 31W&J PWS 32W&J PWS 33W&J PWS 35W&J PWS 36Reportage Wedding Photographer Bristol – 07805204036