Olivier Burnside Wedding Photography

Wedding Venue: Priston Mill

Make-up: Annabel Hodge

Flowers: Ivory Flowers

Issy and Luke live just around the corner from me.  I didn’t know them before photographing their wedding at Priston Mill, but it’s been a delight becoming acquainted, so I was very much looking forward to their big day.

Issy spent the morning in the capable hands of Annabel, bridesmaids Nicola and Vicky, Flower Girl Inez (who threatened to steal the show!) and friend/hair expert Charlotte.

I left just before the girls and quickly encountered unwelcome Bristol traffic.  A couple of re-routes later, I was at least moving, but still due to arrive a little later than I would have liked.  On arrival, however, there was no sign of Issy or the Silver Shadow provided by De Gournay cars.  Reports quickly reached us that due to unforeseen complications when leaving the house, they were going to be 45 minutes late.  As the registrar had to marry another couple in Priston Mill’s adjoining venue, she couldn’t wait…

When Issy arrived with her mum (dressed in the most elegant and original MOTB outfit), a plan was hatched.  The registrar would return after performing the other ceremony and thankfully there was still enough wriggle room in the timetable for the delay not impact on anything other than poor Luke’s frayed nerves.  Finally, Issy and Luke were joined in matrimony, albeit a couple of hours later than originally planned!

Some fine speeches from Issy’s mum, dad, Luke himself and best man Ben were to follow, before we spent a little time doing couple shots in the local beauty spots.

A big thank you to Ginny and the team at Priston Mill who did a great job with the event.  Most of all, though, thank you, Issy and Luke, it has been an absolute pleasure.

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