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Wedding Venue: Orchardleigh House

The first thing that strikes you on the approach to Orchardleigh House is just how long it is.  In order to reach the spectacular main house, you first have to make your way through the substantial grounds which include a golf course!  Having successfully navigated any stray golf balls, I was soon in the company of Wendy and her bridal party.  The whole event took place on site which made it easy to spend time with Jordan and his groomsmen too.  Wendy’s make-up was in the capable hands of Sarah.  Once she had finished her work, Wendy got into her beautiful dress, which it was very clear would attract no end of comments throughout the day.

The amazing flowers were provided by Flowers by Passion and the venue dressed by Reveries.  Their attention to detail was amazing and it added a great deal to how the day was presented.  Wendy and Jordan put a lot of thought into the aesthetics and the gardens were also adorned with a sea of white balloons.

Wendy walked into the ceremony to the sound of harp music.  The next time she walked out, she did so as Jordan’s wife!

The observant among you may have spotted that Wendy’s dad, a Captain in the Merchant Navy, donned a second uniform before giving a fine Father of the Bride speech.  This was followed by Jordan, who ended his speech by introducing (and gently humiliating) his Best Man José.  José, of course, duly returned the favour…

After a little dancefloor action, I made my way home.  Reports reached me that the party went on late, late into the night  :)

For anyone wanting to see more, the whole set are uploading here

Many congratulations Wendy & Jordan, it was a pleasure being part of your wedding day!

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