E&G Blog H aAs wedding venues go, Coombe Lodge is becoming like a second home for me as a photographer!  Whenever I’ve finished covering a wedding there, I always look forward to the next time as there’s so much scope for great images that it’s almost impossible to squeeze it all in!  That said, I think we did pretty well on this occasion :)

We timetabled the day so that I spent time with Gav at the Langford Inn first, before heading on to Coombe Lodge for the rest of the day.  Gav seemed pretty pleased with the enormous room that he had for his last night before tying he knot.  He was kept in good company by brother and Best Man Pete and his Dad too.  Seemingly less pleased to see Gav, however, was his nephew James.  For reasons known only to James, he seems to have a strange aversion to uncle Gav and would burst into tears no sooner than he was picked up.  Gav was undeterred, though and we’ve got a number of super shots of him holding a howling James!

There’s something special about the bridal suite at Coombe Lodge.  I can’t decide whether it’s the proportions of the room, the free-standing bath, or both.  The team there consistently put on a great event and today was no different.

The observant among you may work out that the happy couple danced to the Lumineers.  Even the unobservant will have worked out that Gav is an expert photo bomber.

Probably the worst part about being a wedding photographer is being told about the amazing honeymoon destinations that my couples are about to head off to.  It’s always difficult, but this time it was Tahiti.  It’s a place I remember with particular fondness as it was the spectacular first stop on my trip around the world.  From what I understand, it hasn’t changed much since…  I’ll just have to get over it!

Ellie and Gav, it was a wonderful day, thanks so much for having me there

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