Reportage Wedding Photographer Bristol: Hollie & Tom’s Coombe Lodge Wedding

The first weekend in April meant that wedding season had started in earnest.  It looked like we were set for a decent spring day of weather and what better place to kick off than with Hollie & Tom’s big day at Coombe Lodge near Blagdon?!

I started the day with Hollie, her bridesmaids and very cute soon-to-be nephew at a hotel before moving on to Coombe Lodge.  The girls put the final touches to their preparations in the bridal suite before it was time to head to the ceremony at a nearby church.  Some bright conditions meant that it was definitely sunglasses weather!  Once in the church, it also meant that the stained glass was lit beautifully.

Before too long, Hollie and Tom had tied the knot and were greeted by a confetti line to prove it!  It was then back in the Rolls Royce and back to Coombe Lodge.

As usual, Coombe Lodge was immaculately presented for the event and the banks were even painted yellow with daffodils.  I like to use the conditions to find a creative way of photographing and thankfully Hollie and Tom were very happy to join me in hunting down some interesting light.  Coombe Lodge is a venue that offers so many opportunities for great images and I love the challenge of finding something a little different there every time.

I know how much Tom was looking forward to the first dance.  He needn’t have worried, though, as the judges were clearly very impressed by his and Hollie’s stellar performance…!

Thanks Hollie and Tom for everything, it was a pleasure to be part of your big day

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