Reportage Wedding Photographer Bristol

Reportage Wedding Photographer Bristol: Terrie & Kyle’s SS Great Britain Wedding

In spite of being a Bristol native, it had been a fair while since I’d visited the SS Great Britain.  In the interim, it was clear that a lot had changed.  It’s always been one of Bristol’s main tourist attractions and some of the additions and developments that have been introduced in recent years make it more attractive than ever.  It’s a fantastic place to visit.

The day started with Kyle at the Marriott Royal Hotel in the centre of Bristol.  Kyle serves in the Navy, so had no shortage of finery to add a little extra to the day.

Anyone who knows Terrie will realise that her bridal preparations would be done in her infectious spirit.  Nothing was taken too seriously and the relaxed morning was spent enjoying plenty of laughs.  I sometimes photograph weddings where one or other of the couple gets ready at the venue, but there was no need on this occasion as they only live a very short walk away.  That said, there was the small matter of a body of water to negotiate too.  I won’t pretend that it wasn’t fun to take the ferry across to the venue.  Needless to say, Terrie got a lot of attention from well-wishers along the way, including paddle-boarders and even a swan or two.

We had visited the venue beforehand and had discussed a few ideas.  Even though we were losing daylight, it was great to be able to managed to achieve that we had hoped for by incorporating so much of the venue’s character into the images.

As the evening started to get into full swing, the DJ announced that there would be a group shot on the dance floor.  Having already organised one earlier, this came as a surprise to me, but it suddenly began to make more sense as trays of small glasses were brought out.

Terrie & Kyle, a massive thank you to you both, not only for being so easy to work with but also for being so kind to me on the day.

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